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Hatch Red Chile Powder | Hatch Valley Chile Peppers

Hatch Red Chile Powder

One of our signature products, our pure red chile powder is made from 100% Hatch, New Mexico grown chile peppers. The “Chile Capital of the World” grows these peppers that are naturally sun dried with all stems and seeds removed. The dried peppers are then taken to the local mill where it is ground to a very fine powder that makes it easily mixed into receipes and used to sprinkle on top of foods.

We offer four distinct flavors or “heat”, each directly related to the pepper variety dried and used, such as the Sandia, Barkers, or Big Jim peppers. From Medium to XXX-Hot, the flavorful, earthy, pungent fruit of the chile pepper powder is easily one of the most unique and recognizable tastes of Southwest or Mexican cuisine. Red chile powder is the basis of so many flavorful dishes starting with chile con carne, chile colorado, salsa, taco seasonings, and posole.

Suggested Uses: Use in chiles, stews, enchilada or chile sauces, barbecue rubs, roasts, soups, pizza, tacos, salsas, and beef dishes. Add into mayonnaise, aioli, guacamole, steak sauce or ketchup. The powder can also be sprinkled on salads, or mix in with salt for a unique seasoning flavor. Red chile powder can be a great addition to marinades, Bloody Marys, and almost any kind of meat or vegetable. Add directly to any recipe where a boost of spicy flavor and heat is desired.

Storage Suggestions: Like most spice, chile powders should be stored in air tight containers placed in an cool dark place. For maximum freshness, store excess powder in a plastic airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Keep a shaker or small container with the rest of your spices for convenience.