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Chile Information | Hatch Valley Chile Peppers

Chile Information

Some History of the Chile Pepper

It is believed that chile peppers orginated in South America, probably around what is now Boliva. It is known that Thailand consumes the most chile peppers per capita than any other country. But when it comes to the best gourmet chile peppers, none match the size, consistency, orginal taste, or variety than those that come from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico.

Even though George Washington grew hot peppers on his farm at Mt. Vernon, Virginia, it was Emilio Ortega, a New Mexico rancher, that most likey started the commercially viable hot peppers we know and love today.
Around 1896,he became known for starting hot pepper farming in California and growing what is now known as the famous Anaheim peppers.

In 1907, a horticulturist at what is now New Mexico State University named Fabian Garcia began developing commercially viable peppers for New Mexico farmers. By cross breeding a variety of different pepper pods, he eventually created an near perfect pepper that was of dependable size, growing pattern, and of course, tasty! The pepper became known as “Fabian Garcias.”

Today there are numerous varieties of chiles of different shapes, heat, size, and growing condition needs. The Hatch Valley has become world renown as the “Center of the Universe” for gourmet green chile peppers. From Big Jim, Sandia, Hungarian Waxed, to the extra hot Barkers. Fresh, hand-picked, and most often roasted right after harvest, Hatch Valley Green Chile Peppers make the best enchiladas, rellenos, chile powders, dried chiles, and thousands of other uses.